My name is Don Webster. I began my home health career back in 2004. I had no knowledge of home health, much less Medicare! I had no idea that home health, as an industry, generated as much revenue as the national gross product of Germany! Also, I didn’t realize that it’s a very competitive market place!

I served in home health for 15 years with the same company (we sold 2 years prior to my leaving home health, and I stayed with the new company for almost 2 years after the sale). I absolutely loved the opportunity to connect people with the services they needed!

Which brings me to now! I founded Home Health Awareness because I discovered that most families, either don’t have experience in dealing with home health agencies, or selecting an agency for themselves, or their loved one, when the need arises. Home Health Awareness wants to be the best resource on the web, as families search for answers! And since you know that eventually home health will be a consideration at some point, we want to Give You the Answers Before the Questions Come!

Home Health Awareness serves two purposes:
1. Educating the consumer,
2. Providing a place on the web, where Top Performing Agencies can be found!