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Medicare Home Health Checklist

Medicare advises one to consider the following when choosing a home health agency:

1. Is the home health agency Medicare-certified.

2. Is the home health agency Medicaid-certified (if you have both Medicare and Medicaid).

3. Does the agency offer the specific health care services I need (like nursing or physical therapy).

4. Does the agency meet my special needs (like language or cultural preference).

5. Does the agency offer the personal care services I need (like help bathing, dressing, and using the bathroom).

6. Does the agency offer the support services I need, or can help me arrange for additional services, such as Meals on Wheels, that I may need.

7. Does the agency have staff available to provide the type and hours of care my doctor ordered, and can start when I need them.

8. Is the agency recommended by my hospital discharge planner, doctor, or social worker?

9. Does the agency have staff available at night and on weekends for emergencies?

10.Did the agency explain what my insurance will cover, and what I must pay out-of-pocket?

11. Does the agency conduct background checks on all staff?

12. Does the agency have letters from satisfied patients, family members, and doctors that testify to the home health agency staff providing good care?

This information was taken from the “Medicare and Home Health” publication. Click to download your FREE copy!

Home Health Awareness