Home Health Awareness

The Importance of a Primary Care Physician

As I visit families in the hospitals and rehab facilities, in order to answer their home health questions, I have discovered that many seniors do not have an established relationship with a Primary Care or Internal Med physician. I believe we, as adult children, need to address this trend with our parents and make sure those relationships are in place.

 One thing is for certain, people are living longer, and many of them have to manage many incurable illnesses as they age. Here in Aledo, Texas, where I live, I see many seniors that are in a rural situation. Just getting to the physician can be challenging. Fortunate we do have a public transit company that provides transportation for seniors at a very minimal cost.

Getting back on point, today Medicare requires that a patient must see (Medicare calls this a “Face to Face” encounter)his / her physician within 90 days prior to  receiving home health services, or within 30 days after home health services start. This is particularly becomes a more troublesome situation when a Medicare patient is being discharged from a hospital or rehab facility, and has no Primary Care Physician to approve and follow their much needed home health services.

Please encourage your loved one(s) to establish and maintain a relationship with a physician that will be attentive during times when healthcare services need to reach into the home!

Home Health Awareness